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Trip Down Memory Lane

With June finally arriving it's only right we revisit some major milestones and memories the Incline Brand was able to create for the Eugene community. Crazy it's been exactly 3 years since we started and I vividly remember having 1 kid, Morgan "SloMo" Raleigh, show up and take a chance on what we now call Incline Sports. Using my platform for nothing but positivity we, Rebecca Durbin, Jamal Lawrence, Davonte Cleveland, Ruthy Hebard, Sabrina Ionescu and myself Corey Gantt, managed to get ESPN and Emma Reed to come out and shoot footage of our first real academy. Below, I have attached some visuals from that day that will forever be a reminder of why Incline to many is considered HOME. We followed the blueprint left by many and added our own twist to it. Gametime, Run & Shoot and Hot Shots are three organizations that played huge parts in what we were able to form. Supporting and encouraging while also allowing us to grow. Many of these kids now are high school standouts and real hero's in the eugene basketball community. 5 years from now, it's going to be pretty cool to see a lot of these kid's paying it forward and using their platform to encourage the next generation. Scroll through and be entertained by the many memories that occured on June 27, 2019.

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