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Academy Schedule:

June Academy

3:50pm-5:10pm Elementary/Beg. Middle

5:10pm-6:30pm Adv. Middle/High School

Academies are group training that focuses on the technical and tactical application of each skill. Players will be divided into smaller groups and go through stations focusing on one element at a time. These stations include ball handling, defense, shooting, and a variety of other skill building trainings that will elevate your game. We believe it is crucial to teach proper execution of skills, while increasing player’s understanding of how to apply skills in games. 


Take advantage of our Stations and use one of our 3 shooting machines to work on your shot.  Our shooting machines allow you to maximize the number of repetitions by rebounding and passing the ball for you. Players can develop their accuracy and consistency, as well as shooting skills off the move and with game like intensity. Sessions are available to book in 50-minute increments and can be purchased in single sessions or monthly packages. The workout will allow an average shooter to get up to 800 shots, depending on the type of shooting. 


With a smaller coach to player ratio, these sessions will focus on high-level skill developing for advanced players. The individual/ small group sessions are crafted to cater the development needs of each athlete, anything from position specific skills to basketball IQ to conditioning. There are limited spots for individual and small group sessions, see below for coach availability.

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