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​As we return to the weekly academies, Incline will be using this page to share policies, resources, and notifications related to COVID-19.

OHA Guidelines

COIVD-19 Waiver

Rules for Players

  • Practice social distancing whenever possible.

  • Wear a mask when arriving and departing the facility, as well as during the training. You may pull down the mask to eat/ drink when a 6-feet distance is maintained.

  • Wash your hands before and after training.

  • Wash/ sanitize your clothes and equipment after each training.

  • Bring your own ball, water bottle, and a towel. 

  • Keep bags, bottles, and personal belongings at least six feet away from those of other players.

  • Don't touch anything that doesn't belong to you.

  • Don't share water bottles with another player.

  • Avoid high 5's, handshakes, or contact with other players.

  • Arrive at the facility no earlier than 10 min before the training time, and exit the facility in a timely manner after the training.

Rules for Parents and families

  • Ensure Players are healthy before attending activities.

  • Notify Incline Staff immediately if a player or family member tests positive for COVID-19.

  • Ensure player's equipment is washed/ sanitized before each training (Especially basketball.)

  • Avoid Carpooling outside of your cohort

  • Parents should not attend training and should remain in the car when dropping your player off.

  • Follow our one-way traffic when dropping your player off or picking them up. 

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