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February Academy

February Academy registration is now available! Lock in your spot before it's too late. Spring is approaching and we are gearing up for our Spring/Summer travel ball teams. Use this upcoming month to prepare for a competitive travel ball season. Last month filled up pretty quickly and this month will be the same! Let's continue to build on what we've been working on and prepare for those upcoming tryouts. We are still allowing a max of 10 drop-ins per day for the month of February. Don’t miss out on your chance to gain separation leading into Spring/Summer tryouts. Parents click on BOOK NOW and in the booking section highlight FEBRUARY ACADEMY PACKAGE. Once you do that proceed to book either February Elementary, February Middle/High School.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Elementary School 4:00pm-5:00pm

Middle/High School 5:10pm-6:40pm

Hang your banner in the Incline Gym! – We are seeking local businesses that are interested in advertising with us. A $500 donation gets you a 6' x 8' banner in our facility for one year on the side walls, an $800 donation gets you the same banner for 2 years in the same location! Don't miss out! Contact us for details. Find us on Instagram! @inclinesports.

Questions? Email us at ****Tell a friend, to tell a friend to bring a friend. Looking forward to growing and competing this month. Be safe and come prepared to work!!!**** Hope to see you all. Stay blessed. Stay safe.

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