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Winter Season Club Ball Update

Hi everyone -

Basketball season is here! We hope you are as excited as we are to get the ball rolling. For this winter season, the club teams will be formed out of academies.

We are open to all skill levels from 5th - 8th grade boys and girls in hopes to create teams for every player. We plan to have one travel (A) and one development (B) team for each grade level. As of now, we have a travel team for these age groups: 5th Grade Boys, 6th Grade Boys, and 8th Grade Girls.

If you are interested in trying out for the travel team or want to make a team in a new age group, please register on our Team Page and sign up for our academies or Thanksgiving camp. You must attend at least one academy to register for the team. We will be using the academy trainings to evaluate players' skillsets and teams. The official cut-off day for trying out for the team is Thursday, Dec 2. The teams will be announced by the morning of Dec 4th with team details and season schedule.

Team requirements:

  • Attend all practice

  • Attend at least one academy session per week

  • Available on the weekends for tournaments


  • December - February

  • Weekly Team Practice

  • Weekly Academy skill training

  • Weekend Tournaments

    • Travel Team: Eugene, Salem, Portland

    • Development Team: Eugene & Salem

Team Fee Includes:

  • Tournament Registration

  • Practice/ Academies

  • Coaching Fee

**Please note that the team fee will slightly differ between the teams depending on the competitive level and age group.

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