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!!!! 4th of July SPECIAL !!!!

Happy 4th!! I hope everybody had an amazing month of June and we're excited to get you back in the gym for some summer separation work starting tomorrow July 5th, 2022. We're putting together a ONE DAY SPECIAL for the month of July so please hurry before spots get filled. Today we are offering a discount for Elementary, Middle and High School students and once filled that's it, so please secure your spot before it's too late.

Parents click on BOOK NOW and in the booking section highlight JULY ACADEMY PACKAGE.

Once you do that proceed to book either July Elementary, July Middle or July High School.

The promo code for Elementary School: 4JULY1

The promo code for Middle School is: 4JULY2

The promo code for High School is: 4JULY3

****Tell a friend, to tell a friend to bring a friend. Looking forward to growing and competing this month. Be safe and come prepared to work!!!****

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:

Elementary School


Middle School


High School



-Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

$5 Middle School Boys Open Gym


-Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

$5 Girls Open Gym


Adult Runs

-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

$10 per day or $60 for the MONTH

Hope to see you all. Stay blessed. Stay safe and HAPPY 4th!!!

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