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Are You In?

Our goal at Incline Sports is to bring something that has never been done and give players a dose of what greatness entails. It starts today. Here at Incline Sports, we emphasize basic fundamentals to help players elevate their game to the next level. We focus on BALL HANDLING, SHOOTING, and DEFENSE. While doing competitive drills we will build each other up along the way. We want to create a pipeline that extends far beyond basketball and establish relationships needed for our community to prosper. Basketball is temporary, but the relationships and memories last forever.


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Sponsorships & Donations 

At Incline, we are deeply committed to providing access and opportunity to our Eugene community. We know the power and influence sport can have and we are dedicated to ensuring every child has the opportunity to play. We never want financial stresses to be the reason a child doesn’t compete. That being said, we rely heavily on our community partners to have the financial stability to provide this opportunity. Sponsorships and donations are incredibly important to the success of our organization and will be allocated across academy and team fees as well as maintaining our facility.  

Thank you sponsors!


Give spectators and coaches a show. Everything starts with your mentality. Speak things into existence and NEVER doubt your abilities. 


“One shot next shot.”

“Show up and show out.”

“Energy and Effort”

“No plays off.”

“Make the winning play, it’s not always the winning shot”

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